Saturday, March 12, 2005

Another Day, Another Chapter - and other ramblings

I wonder, I wonder, how the hell am I going to get my book done in time to meet my deadline?

I'm usually a pretty fast writer, but I've had some health issues as of late that has really prevented from me to write as much as I do usually. I did get a new chapter done today, and that was good.

When I decided to write a sequel to Satin Doll I thought it would be easy since I was so familiar with the characters. I think the opposite has been true, though. I wrote Satin Doll six years ago, and it's sometime arduous writing the sequel because I have to make sure everything is consistent with the first book . . . you know what I mean? And I have to imagine my characters as six years older, and have to take into account the six years of changes they've gone through and the maturity they've achieved because of it. I may not list all the changes in the book, but I have to know what they are so I know how it would have affected how the characters would act or react today.

The Philadelphia media is really wonderful to writers, and that's not always the case in major cities. I was thinking about this because I was listening to a WHAT-AM radio show just now -- on that I was recently on. Dave Warner and Albert Butler show. They're two young guys, but really sharp. Especially Albert Butler. He seems to know a little about everything, and is simply a joy to talk to. Dave put me on the show so I could talk about my nomination for the NAACP Image Award. But Dave and Albert aren't the only media sweeties here in Philly. Loraine Ballard-Morril over at WDAS-FM has always been supportive and given me airtime whenever I have a new book to promote. Thera Martin Connally, also at WHAT has been the same. And I've been able to get on local cable shows and local television news programming, too. Great way to promote books!

I'm one of those authors who love to do book clubs, and I did a very unsual one the other day . . . called the "Free Your Mind Book Club." What makes it unusual is that it's an all male book club at a local detention center. It was wonderful that inmates enjoyed "Ida B." so much that the organizer (a prison administrator) ordered 25 more copies to be given to inmates at another detention center, and also 25 copies of Satin Doll for yet another. Loooks like I do well with inmates

I still don't know what dress I'm going to wear to the NAACP Image Award, and time is running short for me to decide. I leave on the 17th. Time is REALLY growing short. I need to get on the ball if I want to look smashing on the red carpet.


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